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Fuel Injection Service

Symptoms related to carbon build up are:

  • engine pinging

  • hesitation

  • poor acceleration

  • lack of power

  • hard starting and stalling 

  • rough idle

  • poor fuel economy


Our Fuel System Cleaning is a revolutionary new process that will clean your vehicle's fuel system and remove harmful carbon deposits. Our system uses a detergent that soaks into the carbon, and softens it, so while running through the process the deposits are passed through the exhaust. The solution will not damage your vehicle's sophisticated engine components.


After our Fuel System Cleaning cleans your engine, you will notice improved performance, acceleration and increased fuel economy.


The Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association recommends performing this service every 15,000 to 18,000 miles. Cleaning your vehicle's fuel system is the best way to keep it driving as it should.


Let one of our ASE certified technicians perform this service for you today.

Fuel System Service

Today’s fuel injected vehicles rely on a clean source of fuel more than ever before.  Some low cost fuel stations don’t have the cleaning agents added to their fuel that the major fuel stations do.  Dirty fuel injectors can really cause some problems like reduced fuel economy, hesitation, rough idle, a hard start, sticky throttle, and failed emissions among other problems.  Your fuel system needs to be maintained in order to keep system pressure at proper operating levels, fuel filters should be changed regularly, and fuel injectors should be professionally cleaned if any of these symptoms should occur.  Our fuel injection cleaning service includes cleaning deposits from fuel injectors,  cleaning carbon deposits on the backs of the intake valves and the combustion chamber, as well as cleaning the air intake passages in the air intake throttle body.  This is achieved by disconnecting the vehicles fuel supply system and running the vehicle on a machine with  a special cleaning agent for about an hour.  This service really helps to insure that none of these prior symptoms may occur.


Why Do Preventive Maintenance
A properly maintained vehicle will operate more efficiently, be more dependable, last longer, and ensure a safer ride for you and your family. Your owner's manual out-lines detailed maintenance schedules that should be performed on all your vehicle's components and systems. These maintenance schedules are mileage driven.

Why Do We Need Fuel Injection Service?
From the first time your engine is started, dirt, carbon deposits and varnishes are formed in your vehicle's fuel systems, on the intake valves, and in the combustion chamber areas. To prevent buildup in your fuel system, check your owner's manual for recommended service intervals and have your fuel system cleaned by a professional service center. Here are some symptoms that are caused by carbon buildup:

● Engine pinging.
● Poor acceleration.
● Hesitation or lurching.
● Lack of or poor performance.
● Repeated stalling.
● Rough idle.
● Poor fuel mileage.

A fuel carbon cleaning system process will

remove carbon deposits from your vehicle's

fuel system, injectors, intake valves, and

combustion chamber. This cleaning process

will not damage your vehicle's fuel system

or engine components. A typical fuel injection

service will include the following procedures:

● Clean fuel injectors.
● Clean throttle body air intake.
● Inspect fuel lines and fuel rail.
● Pressure test fuel pump and system.
● Inspect pressure regulator, vacuum line, and all connections.
● Decarbonize intake manifold, intake, and exhaust valves.
● Decarbonize combustion chamber and pistons.
● Run an exhaust emissions test.


The benefits of Fuel-Injection Service

● Saves you money - improves fuel mileage and heads off costly repairs.
● Reduces the risk of breakdowns.
● Contributes to the overall performance of your vehicle.
● Reduces air pollution.
● Increases safety and dependability.
● Prevents you from voiding your warranty.

Here is an image representing the difference between clean engine valves and dirty engine valves.  A fuel system cleaning from us will help you to clean your internal combustion components.


Since you purchased your new vehicle, dirt,

varnishes and carbon deposits have been forming

on the fuel injectors, valves, combustion chamber,

throttle housing and the air induction intake.

These build ups can rob your vehicle of performance, 

and if left untreated, these build ups can lead to

costly repairs.

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