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Transmission Service in North Royalton Ohio


Automatic & Manual Transmission & Clutch Repair

When you notice that you are having issues with your transmission or clutch, it is very important to have it checked as soon as possible. Many times you can prevent a minor problem from becoming a major repair. We’ve found that many times a simple transmission service, clutch adjustment or sensor replacement can solve your transmission shifting problems, and avoid more costly repairs.

Using the latest in state-of-the-art technology, we will install a safe and effective cleaner to suspend harmful varnish and sludge from the transmission valve body, torque converter and lines and install new high-tech fluid with conditioners.


Just like your engine, you should have your transmission serviced regularly. When Auto Service Specialists services your transmission, we:

  ● Remove and inspect the pan.

  ● Clean or replace the screen.

  ● Clean the pan.

  ● Reinstall the pa.

  ● Install a new gasket.

  ● Replace old transmission fluid with new, high quality fluid.

  ● Make any additional needed changes and adjustments.

By replacing the old transmission fluid, it essentially gives your vehicle’s transmission new life. The new fluid restores your clutch’s holding power. This reduces slip and heat production. Additionally, flushing the old fluid gets rid of small bits of clutch material and metal shavings, which can damage your transmission by clogging passages and wedging themselves between moving parts. Getting rid of the old fluid reduces wear within the transmission. Replacing old fluid with new also provides better lubrication within the transmission, which boosts the holding ability of the transmission’s friction components. Improved lubrication also results in less heat. By decreasing friction and heat, your transmission will work better for a longer amount of time. A simple service can save you the money and time that come with a major transmission repair or replacement.


Signs that you may need to bring your vehicle in to be checked:
● fluid leaking.
● rough shifting.
● delayed engagement.
● high rpm’s or slipping.
● check engine or transmission light on (even if it turns off by itself).
● shudder feeling at highway speeds (feels like you are driving over rumble strips).
● other abnormal noises.


All of these can be signs of a developing transmission

problem. Bring your vehicle into our Service Center and

we will road test it and/or check for transmission fluid leaks,

and other problem signs. 

In addition to transmission rebuilding we also do transfer

case repair and service, differential repair and service, and

clutch replacement service. We do automotive computer

diagnostic testing, find electrical problems, transmission

flushes, transmission service, and flywheel resurfacing.


Why you should Flush out your Transmission Fluid

Your transmission's vital parts get clogged with sludge and varnish deposits because, just like engine oil in your car's engine, automatic transmission fluid suffers from heat, friction and electrochemical degradation. In fact, nearly nine out of ten transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination.*


However, unlike oil, which can be completely drained from your car's engine, most transmission fluid cannot be drained. Instead it stays in the torque converter, valve body and transmission lines, making a complete fluid drain impossible. Typical transmission service removes only 25% of the contaminated transmission fluid. Adding new fluid to the remaining contaminated fluid can actually cause sludge and varnish deposits to clog filters and further restrict fluid flow. This can result in a serious malfunction or even complete failure of your automatic transmission.


Now you have an option. Our transmission fluid exchange safely removes most, if not all, contaminated fluid as well as varnish and sludge deposits. Our transmission fluid exchange cleans the transmission cooler and lines, valve body and torque converter and also removes those wear metals that slowly grind away your transmissions' internal components. Our transmission fluid exchange thoroughly cleans your car's transmission and protects it with fresh fluid and conditioners that revitalize the seals and o-rings. If your vehicle's transmission is showing signs of contaminated fluid, slippage, rough or hard shifting, try this service. If its been more then 30,000 miles it's time for a transmission fluid exchange. It may help you avoid the cost of major transmission work or even prevent the need for a new transmission.


Let one of our certified technicians perform this service for you.

*According to the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association

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